Variable Loader

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This code demo is useful for an OEM customer that wishes to deploy their application to the end user and allow the user to set various variables to a settable min, max, and default without typing in a terminal. The OEM edits config.xml to set the number of variables and the variable properties. A controller address can be specified, or the address choice dialog can be displayed to the user.

No coding is necesary to deploy this tool, only the editing of the XML text file.

<!-- XML Example -->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <!-- leave address blank to display connection dialog -->
      <description>The description of variable 1</description>
      <description>The description of variable 2</description>
      <description>The description of variable 3</description>
  <!-- Add more variable blocks as necesary -->

Screenshot of the Variable Loader demo


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