how to control a NSC-G3-E controller with labview

Hello Jantonio,

In order to assist you with this issue, I would need a complete picture of what you've tried so far and what specific issues you are having.
Did you use one of our API's to communicate with the controller? If so, which one?
You mention you are having issues getting a "stable" connection, what do you mean by this? Are you able to establish a connection and communicate for a brief period of time and then it drops away?
How are you communicating with the controller, over Ethernet, RS-232, ... ?
If you haven't already, I suggest downloading our COM API for LabVIEW to use to communicate with your controller over LabVIEW:
This should contain all the sample information you need to communicate with one of our controllers via LabVIEW over Ethernet or Serial.

Let me know the answers to the above questions, and I'll get back to you with more info.


Michael Cox, Applications Engineer

hello michael cox thanks for listening to my concerns

answering your questions

I am using labview version 16.0 year 2016 to link or recognize the driver use active x and libreria galil version 1.5. the api that I am using is c ++ and com comunication libraries and is downloaded the examples of this ye proven with the examples full_vi's ver_11.0 the cargo and I do not have alarms inside these examples I do not know what to use to make move the engines and deal with it example commands but I do not know if this can serve me and if this is what commands should use to have some kind of response in the engines. when I did the example address I loaded it and a dialogue box appears with the ip address I select it and it continues but moment later it appears the same box with the same procedure the communication I am performing by ethernet connection.

I appreciate your help michael cox.

I would start by running the Hello Galil example, which is included in the same download as the example you mentioned in your email. I will say that LabVIEW is not the simplest method for beginners to program and interact with our controllers, so if you are not very familiar with LabVIEW, I suggest starting with something simpler and working until you get familiar with the fundamentals of DMC programming.

My recommendation is that you first start by programming and communicating with your controller from one of our software tools, to become familiar with the programming and syntax of DMC.

I also recommend taking a look at our library of sample codes and the command reference when you have questions about how to program and what command to issue so that your engines do what you want.