Raspberry PI communication problem

Hello Nima,

In order to help you with this issue, there is some additional information that would be needed to understand why you cannot connect to the controller.
What has changed in the system since last you connected to the controller? Have you updated either the Pi, gclib, or the Python code since the last successful connection?
What is the IP address of your PI, and what is the GOpen string you are calling when attempting to connect to the controller?

You are welcome also to reach out directly to our support team by emailing us at support AT galil DOT com. If you send an email to the support address with as much information about your issue as you can, we can better support you there.


Michael Cox, Applications Engineer, Galil Motion Control

Assuming you already did the usual set up for the serial port, as you had it working on a pi2 before, then it could just be the case that as the raspberry pi 3 has changed things around a bit, ttyAMA0 now refers to the serial port that is connected to the bluetooth. The old serial port is now called ttyS0.