DMC -500x0 IO

Hi Thophan,

You can connect an external 24VDC supply to power the DMC-500x0's opto-isolated Digital Inputs. These Digital Inputs are located on the ICM-42000 interconnect. The Extended I/O points for the DMC-500x0 on the CMB-41023 are 3.3V TTL I/O points by default. If you ordered the '5V' option, the controller's Extended I/O points will be 5V TTL I/O points. The DMC-500x0's Digital Outputs are factory configured to be 500mA sourcing. You can connect an external 24VDC power supply to power these Digital Outputs as well. Refer to Chapter 3 - Connecting Hardware in the DMC-500x0 User Manual for wiring diagrams and full electrical specifications.