Galil Error Light


What has happened is that excess position error has accumulated on the z-axis and the amplifier has been disabled (similar to giving a "MO" motor off command). The red LED light is just an indicator of this status.

Implementing the command "OE1" (off on error) will allow the controller to disable the amplifier upon reaching a predefined error limit set by the "ER" command. By checking the error with the "TE" command after the motor has shut down, you will see that this error is consistent with the error limit set by "ER"

Please refer to Chapter 8: Hardware & Software Protection for further information.



That explanation you gave me made total sense. However, I am still experiencing seemingly random problems characterized by the software's inability to download a command to the controller. I have placed error checks in my software to tell me when the software is not successful in downloading a message to the controller, and it seems to happen at random the controller misses instructions. That leaves my Z axis WAY off. I realize you're not the designated software person, but would you happen to have any more insight?

I forgot to mention in that last post that I have eliminated the error limit and the OE designation, so I dont think any of that is a factor in the issue I explained in my last post.


To effectively diagnose your particular situation, I would need more information regarding the software that you are using to communicate with the controller (i.e. Visual Basic, C++, our Galil terminal etc.). Also, when you state "downloading a message" do you mean sending individual commands or downloading an entire .dmc program?

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Hi There,

How to confirm which error exactly in the galil controller led the red error light? Has there any way to get the error log of galil controller? Will highly appreciate any suggestion in the regard.