DMC-4020 ELO Won't Reset

The issue was resolved after contacting Galil Support.


The issue was resolved by performing a Master Reset of the controller. However, once I began configuring the controller for my particular application, the behavior returned.

I discovered that if I apply Low Current Mode to my stepper axes (LC 1, 1), the behavior returns. It is only when I turn off Low Current Mode (LC 0, 0) does the behavior go away.

Andriys is researching this discovery, for me, to see if he can re-create the behavior on Galil's end and offer some insight.

As mentioned in Command Reference for the LC command, "Setting LC to 0 for each axis may be necessary to shut off all current to the motors in the "motor off" (MO) state". This is the reason why jeremychoate was experiencing this issue.