Can't Re-start DMC program without cycling power

How are you running the program to begin with?

What error or message is it giving you when you try to re-run the program?

~DMC 21x3 user

These are all good recommendations. Two additional thing that I would try are checking the editor output window for any error messages and commanding TC1 in the terminal after the program fails to load.

My sequence in running the stage and controller is:
1) Power on controller and stage - Stage starts running in infinite loop with #AUTO and runs back and forth on track;
2) Start Galil Suite with connection over ethernet;
3) Connect over network connection;
4) Click ABORT button in Galil Suite to halt infinite loop;
5) Download new program, #MAINBDC, to DMC30012;
6) Click RUN in Galil Suite Editor window and #MAINBDC - Successfully finds home position and then runs stage from home to almost the other end of the track and then returns home and reaches EN command
7) Click RUN button again in Galil Suite Editor and stage doesn't move - Error ?28 MT 1 is displayed in Terminal window;

This morning I found that either clicking the "ABORT" button or issuing the AB command in the terminal window will allow #MAINBDC to run one more time when I click the RUN button in the Galil Suite Editor window.

Whenever you get an error in on the Galil such at [code]?28 MT 1[/code], you can issue the command [code]TC1[/code]. This will return more information about the error. From what I see here, it seems like the command [code]MT 1[/code] on line [code]28[/code] is causing the issue.

I suspect that the [code]TC1[/code] command will return something like [code]7 Command not valid while running[/code]. Which could be one reason why the error is occurring.