New software tools for Galil Controllers

I purchased & downloaded GalilTools on May 01, for use with the my Knee Ankle Test Station which I work on from time to time, and have asked you questions about in relation to the DMC2123 controller before, running the old DMC interface app. I installed this new app on an XP Laptop, and it seemed to load OK on there, but I continued to use the old DMC app for a while out of fear of the unknown. However, one of my colleagues borrowed that machine for something else. So, I found an old NT machine, installed the DMC app on that, and eventually got the controller running off of this. Now I want to try running the GalilTools. I want to download the latest version.
1. I assume I can do that without sending more money - how?
2. Will it be compatible with this NT machine? It appears the version I have was unable to install properly. Error message I got during attempt is attached & hope you can view it and get back to me with assistance.


1.) Yes, if you have purchased the full version, you can download the newest version here:

The password is the same.

2.) GalilTools officially supports and is tested on Windows XP (x86 and x64), Windows Vista (x86 and x64), and Linux Fedora Core 8 (x86 and x64). I do not know if NT will have problems. I cannot see the error image.

If you have more specific questions, please email for specific support on your application.

Hello, I have a problem in connecting dmc 18x2 pci to a windows xp system. I am using a galiltools.
I opened the connections dialog and typed "GALILPCI1", and then clicked "connect".Meanwhile an error"5002 OPEN ERROR. Galil::Galil() failed to open PCI device GALILPCI1 "happens.
Can you help me solve this problem?

The PCI controller should show up in the connections dialog, so you should not have to type GALILPCI1.

What version of DMC-1842 do you have? Take the board out of the PC to find this information.

Does the Device Manager indicate that the device is working correctly?

Follow the directions found here to verify that the PCI driver is installed correctly.

Does anyone know if Galil tools has been tried on a windows 7 machine? I'm using the .net api, I don't anticipate a problem but I'd like to check anyway.



Hi Mark,
GalilTools is fully supported on Windows 7. Install the x64 version if running Windows 7 x64.

The legacy Galil .net libraries are officially unsupported by Galil in Windows 7. SmartTerminal, WSDK, Active X, and DMC32 are also unsupported on Win7.

Awesome guys, looking forward to running GalilTools on a MAC.

For the DMC-2240 on Windows XP, use DMC Setup:

Hi, i facing galiltools in windows 7 (32bit) which fail to link with think & do 8.1 software. But when i force to install WSDK in windows 7 it can be work but this will effected PC Crash. Any solution?
I'm using galil model : DMC18x6
Thanks for the help.