DMC30012 not visible in Galil Design Kit

Hello Dario,

My name is Michael Cox, and I am an applications engineer with Galil.

In order to communicate with our products over Ethernet, you will want to set a static IP on the network interface card you want to use to communicate. The IP address can be anything you want that is valid ( works great), and the subnet mask should be set such that controllers with IP's that you set can be communicated with ( will work).

You do not need to configure via the RS-232 port prior to your first connection over Ethernet, our controllers are able to be assigned an IP over Ethernet for first time connections.

Once this is done, you should be able to listen over GDK for IP requests coming in over Ethernet. You can then set the IP of the controller. If you have issues getting this to work, feel free to send me an email (michaelc AT galil DOT com) or call in to our support line directly: (916) 626-0101.


Michael Cox
Applications Engineer
Galil Motion Control