Thanks for the notes on our manuals. I'll forward this to my documentation team

To jump on the bandwagon about this subject, the documentation of the DMC-40x0 (manual revision 1.0v - August 2016, chapter 1, overview 11) there's a paragraph about the [b]Encoder[/b] where it is written :
[i]"There is no limit on encoder line density; however, the input frequency to the controller must not exceed 5,500,000 full encoder cycles/second (22,000,000 quadrature counts/sec). For example, if the encoder line density is 10,000 cycles per inch, the maximum speed is 300 inches/second."[/i]

Is it just me because I don' t see where the result of 300 inches/second comes from? I get 550 inches/second but maybe I'm missing some point.



Michel, thank you for bringing this to our attention.
The number you calculated 550 IPS is correct, this was a documentation error and has been corrected as of version 1.0w.

If you see any additional documentation errors please bring them to our attention so that they can be corrected as well.

Cory D. Lent