Master-Slave Linear Motor Alignment

[br]This is absolutely possible is application code or firmware in a few ways. If the system has a linear difference between the A axis and the B axis then changing the gearing ratio (GR) would solve this. An example of this would be that if the B axis was not perfectly parallel to the A axis and the counts the B axis has to move is 10% more, changing the gearing ratio from 1.0 to 1.1 would solve that.
[br]If the issue is a bit less uniform our backlash firmware does have compensation tables for this sort behavior. The position of one axis will add/subtract counts on that axes and/or another axis. Please see the Appnote 2447 (link below). The applications note talks about the axis being mounted to one another orthogonality but they do not have to be.

[br]Appnote 2447: