Legacy API Examples

This page contains legacy examples only. Please see the new gclib API page for examples using the current generation API.


These API examples are a collection of quick-start projects that demonstrate host computer communication with a Galil controller using the programming language of your choice. The output of a Microsoft Visual Basic API example is shown below.

Figure 1: Sample Microsoft Visual Basic API example program output.

Each API example project is contained in a .zip file and includes the following.

  • All source files that comprise a fully working project
  • A readme file that explains how the project was created from scratch
  • An image that shows what the running program should look like (see Figure 1)

The gclib API is recommended for all new designs of supported controllers, and should be considered when updating existing projects.

API examples are available for the GalilTools Communication Library as well as prior generation libraries.

GalilTools Communication Library

Hierarchy of the GalilTools Communication Library

Figure 2: Hierarchy of GalilTools Communication Library.

Figure 2 helps define the hierarchy of the GalilTools Communication Library. The following should be taken into consideration when choosing which level of the GalilTools Communication Library to use.

  • For the majority of new Windows-based applications, the COM version of the library should be used. This library interfaces with the most programming languages and has support for event-driven programming.
  • When compiling a Windows C++ application which relies on galil1.dll or galil2.dll, care should be taken to select the dll and lib files that corresponds to the build machine's architecture, compiler version, and build type (debug or release).
  • All of the Windows GalilTools Communication Library binaries can be found here.
  • For new Linux-based applications, libGalil.so should be used. This library binary is packaged with Linux versions of GalilTools.