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Galil PVT (Position, Velocity, Time) Software

Galil's PVT Software is a software tool that is used to convert Galil Contour Data points to Galil Position Velocity and Time (PVT) profiles. PVT mode allows arbitrary motion profiles to be defined by position, velocity and time individually on all 8 axes. This motion is designed for systems where the load must traverse a series of coordinates with no discontinuities in velocity. By specifying the target position, velocity and time to achieve those parameters the user has control over the velocity profile. Taking advantage of the built in buffering the user can create virtually any profile including those with infinite path lengths.

Along with the ability to convert Contour Data to PVT profiles, the PVT software allows the user to graph position, velocity, acceleration and jerk for multiple axes and download the PVT data directly from the application to the controller. The full version (password required) includes the ability to save the PVT data in a .csv format. PVT is a standard feature on the DMC-40x0 series.


  • Open PVT data in CSV and DMC formats
  • Open Contour data in CSV and DMC formats
  • Convert Contour data to PVT data
  • "Segment View" display of each PVT point as it would be commanded by the user including elapsed time, total distance, incremental position, velocity, and incremental time. Segment data can be edited.
  • "Kinematics View" display of controller internal calculations on a profile-by-profile basis including distance, velocity, acceleration, and jerk.
  • Graphing capability
    • Multiaxis graphing of Position, Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk vs. time
    • Single axis graphing of up to two data sets, e.g. Position and Velocity vs. time
    • Two axis position vs. position graphing for coordinated motion planning
  • "Motion Summary" providing timing, and maximum velocity, acceleration and jerk throughout the move.
  • Stream capability to connect to a controller and stream an arbitrarily long segment list to a DMC-40x0.