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Amplifier for driving Brush or Brushless motors

Galil's AMP-19540 is a 4-axis amplifier for driving brush or brushless motors up to 500 Watts. By interfacing directly to Galil's DMC-18x6 DMC-18x2, DMC-18x0, DMC-2200 or DMC-20x0 controllers, it provides a cost-effective controller/drive solution for multi-axis applications. The AMP-19540 contains four transconductance, PWM amplifiers for driving brush or brushless motors. Each amplifier operates at 18V to 80V dc, up to 7 Amps continuous, 10 Amps peak. The AMP-19540 gain setting is easily configured with jumpers. The PWM switching frequency is 60 kHz.

The AMP-19540 enclosure has dimensions of 6.8" x 8.75" x 1". It interfaces to Galil's DMC-18xx PCI bus controller with a single, 100-pin high density SCSI cable. Signals for each axis are brought out through D-type connectors located on the AMP-19540. For applications with less than three axes, the AMP-19520 two-axis model is available. A shunt regulator option is also available


  • Connects to Galil DMC-18xx PCI bus motion controller to provide a complete controller/drive solution with minimal wiring
  • 18V to 80V dc; 7 Amps continuous, 10 Amps peak per axis
  • Drives four servo motors up to 500 Watts each
  • Configurable for driving brush or brushless motors
  • High-bandwidth PWM drives with 60 kHz switching frequency
  • Compact 6.8" x 8.75" x 1" metal enclosure
  • Provides 15-pin Hi-density D-sub connectors for X,Y,Z and W axes
  • Connects to DMC-18xx PCI controller with single 100-pin SCSI cable
  • Shunt Regulator option is available