API Examples

The gclib API provides the foundational programming interface to develop software applications with Galil motion controllers and PLCs. The provided library of classes makes it simple to develop software applications in many different languages ranging from very simple implementation requiring little code to C based development designed for speed and portability. Below is a diagram illustrating how software applications are developed through the gclib API.

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Example Applications

The following example applications demonstrate how to use gclib functions in various programming languages. These are intended to show each of the functions and their proper use to base new software applications using Galil hardware.

Programming Language View Example
C/C++ Microsoft Visual Studio View
C/C++ MinGW gcc/g++ View
C/C++ gcc/g++ View
C/C++ clang OSX View
Borland Embarcadero C++ View
Microsoft Visual Studio VB.NET View
Microsoft Visual Studio C#.NET View
Python View
Java View

Don't see your preferred language/platform? Contact Galil Applications for assistance.

The GalilTools Communication Library API examples are available on the Legacy API Examples Archive page. New applications should use gclib.