Galil EPICS Driver Baselines

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Communication Drivers and Device Support to create a Galil EPICS IOC

EPICS is a set of software tools and applications which provide a software infrastructure for use in building distributed control systems to operate devices such as Particle Accelerators, Large Experiments and major Telescopes. Such distributed control systems typically comprise tens or even hundreds of computers, networked together to allow communication between them and to provide control and feedback of the various parts of the device from a central control room, or even remotely over the internet.

The Galil EPICS Driver allows communication between a Galil motion controller or PLC to the EPICS software allowing motion control and IO tasks to be completed through a central control interface.

For more information see the Servo Trends article.


  • Support for the DMC-3x01x, DMC-4000, and DMC-41x3 Ethernet based controllers.
  • Basic Motor Record Support
  • Array Access Feature