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New Expanded Memory Option for RIO-472xx with Screw-Terminals

New Expanded Memory Option for RIO-472xx with Screw-Terminals

Galil's RIO Pocket PLC is a smart, compact and low-cost Ethernet controller that is packed with I/O. Now, Galil announces a new addition to its popular RIO-47xxx PLC Series: The RIO-47202 with screw terminals and expanded memory.

The RIO-47202 PLC is the same as the RIO-47200 with screw terminals except that it offers more memory, variables, array elements, programmable PID control loops and Ethernet handles. Table 1 shows the expanded capabilities.

Table 1: RIO-47202 Expanded Capabilities

The RIO-47202 PLC is ideal for customers that require more space for application programs or need to use additional variables or arrays in their programs. It also offers more PID process loops, which are ideal for temperature control. The RIO-47202 PLC features the same packaging as the RIO-47200 which has DIN rail mount and screw terminals. This packaging differs from the RIO-471xx which provides d-type connectors. The various options for the complete RIO family are shown in Table 2 below. See for complete specifications.

Table 2: RIO-47xxx Options


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