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SmartMoves Customer Stories

Watch Galil move the world by viewing our latest customer videos covering a wide range of industries including semiconductor, medical, machine tools, textiles and entertainment. Download PDFs which describe how Galil motion controllers are used in a variety of customer applications.

Complete Library of SmartMoves Videos & Stories


Cobra Placement Systems

Component Placement

Andrew NDT Engineering
Wafer film deposition measurement

Brooks Automation

Wafer handling Robot

Ultrasonic Systems

Circuit board coating

Veeco Instruments

Non-contact surface measurement


TomoTherapy, Inc.

Focused Radiation Therapy


Precise and Painless Ultrasonic Breast Exams

Philips Medical

3D Ultrasound for fetal imaging

FocusSurgery, Inc.

Ultrasound to destroy prostate cancer

IOL International

Optical Generator of interocular lens

NGNY Devices SL

Automated Tube Handling System for Human Fluids


Bio-med Students use Galil Controller to Help Surgeon

Machine Tools

CamSoft Corporation

PC-based control for machine tools

Pistorius Machine Company

Cut-to-length machine for framing

CNC Machines

CNC Waterjet Machines


PVP Night Hawk HT

Border Patrol Surveillance System


Military Imaging System

Strategic Operations

Hyper-Realistic™ Training Environements


East Carolina University

Sonic Plaza is Extraordinary Artwork

Simulator Training

InMotion Simulation

5D Theaters and other Lifelike Simulation Systems

Force Dynamics

Race Car Simulator- Takes Realism to New Heights

Sarnicola Simulation Systems, Inc.

Aircraft Training and Thrill Ride Simulators


Crane simulator

Project Kitty Hawk

Flight Simulator for Youth in Aviation


MSM Design

3D Movie Camera

Hudson Scenic Studio, Inc.

Scenery for Broadway productions

WET Design

Creating Performance Water Sculptures

Automated Manufacturing Equipment


Artesa machine to mimic delicate hand engravings


Dispensing and spray coating machine


Vinyl fence cutting machine

Gammil/Statler Stitcher

Automated quilting machine

GP2 Technology

Automated Book Covering


Diamond Engraving


Team Mojavaton

Unmanned Car for DARPA Grand Challenge

Team Mojavaton

Unmanned Car for DARPA Urban Challenge


Synchrotron SOLEIL

French national synchrotron facility

Custom Lab Software Systems

Micron Level 3-D Measurement System

Pine Instrument Company

Asphalt Testing System

Brookhaven National Labs

Multilayer Lens Production

University of California Observatories

Telescope Control


Neutron beam instrumentation for scientific research