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Software Downloads

Galil offers many software tools for use with your controller such as communication utilities, GalilTools and GalilSuite for servo tuning, and the GalilTools Communication Library for interface to Visual Basic or other programming environments. You can download GalilTools-Lite and the communication utilities at no charge. Other software products such as the full version of GalilTools, GalilPVT and the Frequency Analisys Software have an associated charge and are password protected.

Legacy software packages such as DMCSmart Terminal and the Active X Toolkit can be found here.

Current Software Package for New Applications

Product Description
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Release Notes

GalilSuite is the newest software for Galil's RIO PLC's and motion controllers. GalilSuite replaces GalilTools and the WSDK Tuning software with powerful software tools for Galil controllers. An improved user-interface, enhanced servo tuning capabilities with multiple tuning methods, real-time scopes, multiple device management and simplified communications utilities are just a fraction of the feature set provided by GalilSuite.

Supports Microsoft Windows 8, 7, and XP SP3
  • Terminal - for entering and receiving controller commands
  • Editor - for writing, saving and executing application programs
  • Tuner - for selecting controller PID parameters for optimal servo system response. Full version required
  • Scope - for plotting controller data such as motor position and velocity. Full version required
  • Watch and Viewer - for displaying controller and I/O status
  • Configuration - for displaying, backing-up and restoring controller parameters
Downloads include access to all tools except Tuner and Scope. Access to Tuner and Scope operation can be purchased by contacting Galil directly

C++ and COM Communication Libraries

Release Notes

Recommended communication libraries for all supported Galil controllers.
  • Supports x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.
  • COM version available for use with C++, VB, C#, Labview and more. Installing GalilTools will register COM components, or use the standalone COM installer at right.
  • C++ dll based on the GalilTools QT software.
  • A C++ STL version without QT is also available, e.g. for MFC. See Archive.
  • Linux libraries support multiple distributions.
  • For PCI users also using the GalilSuite software, contact Galil.

Ladder Interface (Beta) Galil's Ladder Interface Software is a software tool for the RIO-471x0 compact PLC. The software converts a relay Ladder Logic program into code for input into the RIO controller. Ladder Logic is often used by programmable logic controller (PLC) programmers to graphically input I/O logic. While direct RIO programming using Galil's two-letter text instructions allows for flexible coding, it is sometimes easier to determine the I/O logic visually with Ladder Logic. (Password Required)
Version 1.0
GalilPVT GalilPVT is a software tool that is used to convert Galil Contour Data points to Galil Position Velocity and Time (PVT) profiles. PVT mode allows arbitrary motion profiles to be defined by position, velocity and time individually on all 8 axes. Along with the ability to convert Contour Data to PVT profiles, the PVT software allows the user to graph position, velocity, acceleration and jerk for multiple axes and download the PVT data directly from the application to the controller. The full version (password required) includes the ability to save the PVT data in a .csv format. PVT is a standard feature on the DMC-40x0 series.
Version 1.0.0
Frequency Analysis Software (Beta) Galil's Frequency Analysis Software is a software tool for the DMC-40x0 and DMC-41x3 controllers. While tuning servo systems in the time domain works well for most systems, tuning in the frequency domain is often preferred for systems with resonances or when the design engineer is comfortable with classroom control theory. (Password Required for Full Version - $195)
Version 1.0

Release Notes

GalilTools is Galil's prior generation software suite. GalilSuite is recommended for new applications.
  • The free version contains a Program Editor Tool, a Terminal Tool and a Watch Tool.
  • The FULL version ($195) also includes a real-time scope and servo tuning capabilities.
  • Supports x86 and x64 versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP.
  • Supports multiple Linux distributions.
  • All versions include the GalilTools Communication Library (GCL) for use with C++, .NET, VB, C# and more.
  • A GalilTools API with all graphical componenets removed is available for Windows (STL Library)
    • Compiled with Microsoft STL Libraries
    • Addresses false reporting of memory leaks with MFC
    • Debug and Release Files avaliable
(Password Required for FULL version -$195)