Tool Layouts and Docking

The Center Stack

GDK Provides a flexible docking layout to allow for tools to be used together.

By default, all tools start out in the center stack. In the stack, only one tool is visible at a time. At the top of the stack is a web-browser-like menu which allows paging through the tools in the stack. There is also a tab bar with a tool icon for each open tool in the stack.

Four tools in the stack. Note the bar at the top with a drop down menu for open tools, and a tab for each open tool.

Docking Tools

The GDK main window is broken up into five regions.

  1. Center Stack
  2. Dock Top
  3. Dock Right
  4. Dock Bottom
  5. Dock Left
  6. GDK docking regions.

    To start using the docking capability, click on the "Change Tool Windowing" at the top-right corner of any tool and select a region to send the tool. Multiple tools can go to the same region and regions can be resized by dragging the windows as desired.

    GDK docking menu.

Pop out Tool

In addition to docking tools, any tool can be popped out of the GDK main window. When floated in this way, the tool becomes a top-level window. This means it is accessible by the operating system's window manager. For example, a pop out tool will be visible in the Microsoft Windows Taskbar and switchable via Window's Alt + Tab hot key.

Settings and Save/Load Layouts

The open tools item in the GDK Manager provides a feature to save and load GDK tool layouts. This can be used for saving convenient tool layouts for various tasks. Servo tuning, system diagnostics, and DMC code development are examples of tasks that use tools in different layouts.

The current tool layout is saved when GDK closes. On the next launch, the saved layout is reloaded. This feature can be modified or disabled in the settings dialog.

Hot Keys

  • Alt + Home | Move current Tool to the Stack
  • Alt + Right Arrow | Move current Tool to Dock Right
  • Alt + Left Arrow | Move current Tool to Dock Left
  • Alt + Up Arrow | Move current Tool to Dock Top
  • Alt + Down Arrow | Move current Tool to Dock Bottom
  • Alt + End | Pop current Tool to its own, top-level, window
  • Ctrl + PgUp | Move to previous window in the stack
  • Ctrl + PgDown | Move to next window in the stack