Galil offers many software tools for use with your controller such as communication utilities, GalilTools and GalilSuite for servo tuning, and the GalilTools Communication Library for interface to Visual Basic or other programming environments. You can download GalilTools-Lite and the communication utilities at no charge. Other software products such as the full version of GalilTools, GalilPVT and the Frequency Analysis Software have an associated charge and are password protected.

Servo Tuning and Analysis with Program Editor and Terminal
GalilTools programming software for Galil controllers
Ladder Logic Interface software for the RIO Pocket PLC
Galil PVT Software for PVT mode of Motion
Servo Tuning in Frequency Domain
Communication Drivers and Device Support to create a Galil EPICS IOC

Legacy Software

Galil offers many software tools for use with your controller. The list of current software packages can be found above. All legacy software is provided with limited support.

Legacy Software Utilities For Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista (Not Supported for Windows 7 and later)

Product Description Download Software
SmartTERM GalilTools is recommended for new applications.
This is Galil's "Smart" Terminal program for Windows. Features include: Automatic Colored Syntax-Help, Debugging Tools and a Terminal layout which incorporates a built-in DMC program editor. Version 7 drivers and the DMCNet utility for ethernet controllers are also included.
Version 6.1
SETUP32 Utility to upload, download, and save burned in parameters to disk. Download
Version 4.7
Ver. 7 Drivers Version 7 Drivers are already included in software downloads - this is only for developers that need a stand-alone driver installation. Download

Other Software for For Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista  Password Required (Not Supported for Windows 7 and later)

Product Description Download Software
WSDK32 GalilTools is recommended for new applications.
Windows Servo Design Kit (WSDK) aids in controller set-up, tuning, diagnostics, and communications. This version includes the DMC Smart-Terminal program with Automatic Colored Syntax Help and built in Editor. (Password Required)
Version 5.22
CADTODMC Translates AutoCAD or equivalent .DXF files into Galil language commands (.DMC). DOS and Windows executables included. Also includes interfaces to C++ and Visual Basic. (Password Required) Download 
Version 5.01
ECAM32 Electronic Cam Setup Utility. Construct an electronic cam table for use with Galil controllers.(Password Required) Download 
Version 2.04