Prior Generation

Please see the RIO-471x0 PLC for information about a newer, more compact and cost-effective Remote I/O controller.

The IOC-7007 Ethernet I/O controller provides an intelligent solution for handling inputs and outputs. The IOC-7007 controller base accepts up to seven Galil I/O IOM modules. IOM modules are available with TTL inputs, optoisolated inputs, optoisolated outputs, high power outputs, dry contact relays, analog inputs and analog outputs. The IOC-7007 is programmable and includes 500 lines of non-volatile program memory, variables, arrays and multitasking for concurrent execution of up to eight different programs. The controller also includes 1 PLC thread with deterministic timing. The programming language is similar to Galil's motion controller language allowing seamless integration of motion and I/O. The IOC-7007 is available as a packaged unit , as a DIN rail mount unit , or as a card-level unit. The box-level version accepts 90-260 VAC or 20-60 VDC. The DIN rail and card-level unit accept 20-60 VDC.

Prior Generation I/O Controller

I/O Controller with Ethernet/RS232

Estimated End-Of-Life for Controllers - updated Jan 2019

These motion controllers and PLCs are still in production and will end-of-life in the number of years specified in the table below.

Controller Introduced Estimated End-of-Life New Equivalent
DMC-1010 - DMC-1040 October 1992 1 to 2 years DMC-18x6
DMC-1411 November 1996 1 to 3 years DMC-30010
DMC-14x5 October 1999 4 to 6 years DMC-30010
DMC-1417 May 2001 1 to 2 years DMC-30010
DMC-15x0 October 1994 1 to 2 Years DMC-41x3
DMC-18x0 March 1999 2 to 4 years DMC-18x6
DMC-22x0 September 1998 1 to 2 years DMC-42x0
CDS-3310 October 2004 2 to 4 Years DMC-30012

Obsolete Products List