Galil EtherCAT Products


Galil's EtherCAT multi-axis motion controller is designed to provide the ultimate performance and flexibility for your application. The DMC-500x0 Series is Galil’s most advanced multi-axis EtherCAT master, while the RIO-574x0 Series PLCs allow remote I/O to be added to the EtherCAT network.

EtherCAT Controllers & PLCs


Supported Drives

Supported IO

  • AMC-Logo-0300px.jpg     DZEANTU    ►Website
  • Copley XenusPLUS
  • Delta Electronics ASD-A2
  • ​Estun ProNet Servo Drive
  • LS Mecapion L7NH
  • LS Mecapion Pegasus
  • Panasonic Minas A5B
  • Parker P Series
  • Sanyo-Denki SANMOTION R (contact Galil)
  • Yaskawa Sigma-5
  • Yaskawa Sigma-7