Galil's RIO-47xxx PLC is packed with analog and digital I/O in a compact package. Its powerful RISC processor provides fast I/O handling and logic control. The RIO is easy-to-program with Galil's Ladder Interface Software or intuitive command language. Plus, the RIO is cost-effective at just $295 in single quantity and unlike most PLCs, analog I/O and Ethernet 10/100Base-T are included at no extra charge. Use them stand-alone or network multiple RIOs to handle all the I/O in your machine.

Remote I/O PLCs

PLC with Ethernet/RS232
PLC with Screw Terminals Ethernet/RS232
PLC with Screw Terminals and 64 I/O Ethernet/RS232

Prior Generation I/O Controller

I/O Controller with Ethernet/RS232