using a DMC1040 as a DMC1030

Hello Kevin,


Other than the additional axis, there are a few potential differences between the two controllers you mention. Primary among these is the dmc code and parameters that may have been saved to the DMC-1030 that were not transferred to the DMC-1040. If for instance the DMC-1030 used non default PID values, then your motors could be stopping on the DMC-1040 due to excessive servo position error.


My first question then would be, do you have a means of procuring any code or parameters that were on the previous controller? The original manufacturer of the system would be the first contact for this.

unfortunately when the card is installed the machine/computer wont even boot up. ill try contacting the original manufacturer. i do have a working dmc1030 in another machine which works when installed on the broken machine.

i set the PID settings to the same as the working DMC1030 card and it does the same thing... it just moves to home position and stops then if i hit home again it moves just a little off of home and stops... does move other than that

does not move other than that


Please call into to the Galil Applications Department at 916-626-0101 or email me directly so that we can continue to troubleshoot your system.