Suggestions for Suite, dev questions, GalilTools?

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I'm working on a language file for Notepad++. I have it almost there, but without getting into the more complex back end of NPP, I don't have Labels showing up in red yet.

To add to this ongoing discussion of my concerns re: GalilSuite, here's one that bugs me:

Why is it called "GalilSuite" (no space) EVERYWHERE - marketing, web site, start menu FOLDER, program files folder, etc, but then the SHORTCUT is "Galil Suite" (space) and the title bar is also "Galil Suite" (space)? If I type "galilsuite" into my start menu to search for it to launch it, it does not show up. This, although minor, is one of those "annoying things" about usability of programs. Ultimately, I don't care whether it's called GalilSuite or Galil Suite, it's consistency I'm looking for.

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your feedback. We are actually going to be addressing the "galilsuite" start menu issue you mentioned in the upcoming releases.