Ladder Interface Software

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Ladder Logic Interface software for the RIO Pocket PLC

Galil's Ladder Interface Software is a software tool for the RIO-471xx compact PLC. The software converts a relay Ladder Logic program into code for input into the RIO controller. Ladder Logic is often used by programmable logic controller (PLC) programmers to graphically input I/O logic. While direct RIO programming using Galil's two-letter text instructions allows for flexible coding, it is sometimes easier to determine the I/O logic visually with Ladder Logic.

The Ladder Interface Software provides an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows object types for: contacts, coils, control relays, boxes (including timers, counters and data manipulation) and analog I/O. The software generates an RIO program from the specified objects in the flow diagram. In addition to generating optimized code, Galil's Ladder Interface Software automatically adds determinism to the RIO program.


  • Object types include
    • Contacts
    • Coils
    • Control relays (virtual contacts/coils)
    • Boxes (including timers, counters and data manipulation)
    • Analog I/O
  • Standard mathematical and logical operators include
    • Equal, Not Equal, Less than, Greater than
    • AND, OR (normally open/closed)- Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Increment, Decrement
    • Shift or rotate accumulator left or right
  • Galil command box for specifying any valid Galil two-letter command